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2022-2023 Band Booster Officers

President: Ashley Portier

President-Elect: Jamie Luke

Vice President: Casey Desormeaux

Secretary: Stacey Donnelly

Treasurer: Kimbal Bonner

Publicity Director: Nicole LeBouef


It takes a huge team to give our students the best experience possible. Below are some fun and easy ways to get involved in the Crimson Pride Band. The students need and appreciate your support of their hard work. A lot of people doing a little goes a long way. Click here for the Google Forms sign up and here for a printable version.


Phone Committee

This committee assists will assist in reaching out to parents in the event of a change in announced plans and when fundraisers are sent out.


Food Committee

This committee will coordinate, purchase, and arrange to serve food and refreshments to band members and chaperones at band events and competitions.  Also responsible for the meet and greet during the 3rd quarter of a football game.


Battle on the Bayou (marching contest) committee

This committee assists with organizing and staffing the annual Battle on the Bayou Marching contest.  We will have meetings to address any needs for the marching contest and set sub committees


Game Merchandise Committee 

Committee is responsible for maintaining the spirit table and selling of the ½ and ½ raffle


Pit Crew

This committee will help load and unload instruments and percussion equipment for marching season.  This equipment is used on the field during performances.



This committee is responsible for reviewing, suggesting, and organizing fundraising opportunities for the club. 



This committee assists the Publicity officer with getting our fundraising activities into the press and taking pictures.



This committee is responsible for organizing, fitting, cleaning, and checking in the marching and concert uniforms. This group usually works during the day in the uniform room.


Prop Crew

This committee will be responsible for the building, maintenance, assembly, and movement of the field props



This committee will be responsible for the planning and distribution of our sponsorship drive.  We hope this will be the most successful fundraiser at THS.


Truck Crew  

This committee will be responsible for the loading and pulling trailers to and from performances.


Building and Maintenance

This committee will be responsible for maintaining the trailers and band equipment.

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