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The Terrebonne High School

Crimson Belles

The Crimson Belles is a visual arts ensemble at Terrebonne High School. This elite group of young men and women serve as the color guard for the Crimson Pride Marching Band in the Fall and as an indoor winter guard in the Winter. The winter guard is split into two competitive teams that compete in the LMCGPC circuit: Varsity and Junior Varsity. Placement is determined by audition the previous Spring.

Varsity Winter Guard est. 2018

Junior Varsity Winter Guard est. 2018

2024 - 3rd Place, LMCGPC Scholastic Regional A

2019 - 4th Place, LMCGPC Scholastic A

2018 - 1st Place, LMCGPC Scholastic AA

2019 - 2nd Place, LMCGPC Scholastic

            Regional A

2018 - 1st Place, LMCGPC Scholastic                  Regional A

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